Minor in Mind-Brain Studies

 The following requirements must be fulfilled: 18 credits, including 6 credits in required courses and 12 credits in elective courses.

Required courses (6 credits):  
PHIL 3153 Mind, Brain, and Artificial Intelligence  
PSYC 3122 Cognitive Neuroscience  
Electives (12 Credits)  
Four courses from the following, with a maximum of two courses from any one department:  
ANTH 1005 The Biological Bases of Human Behavior  
ANTH 3413 Evolution of the Human Brain  
ANTH 3601 Language, Culture, and Cognition  
or LING 3601 Language, Culture, and Cognition
ANTH 3603 Psycholinguistics  
or LING 3603 Psycholinguistics
BISC 2220 Developmental Neurobiology  
BISC 2452 Animal Behavior  
BISC 3320 Human Neurobiology  
PHIL 1153 The Meaning of Mind  
PHIL 3151 Philosophy and Science  
or PHIL 3151W Philosophy and Science
PHIL 3152 Theory of Knowledge  
PHIL 3251 Philosophy of Biology  
PSYC 2014 Cognitive Psychology  
PSYC 3118 Neuropsychology  
PSYC 3121 Memory and Cognition  
PSYC 3124 Visual Perception  
SPHR 1071 Foundations of Human Communication  
or SPHR 1071W Foundations of Human Communication
SPHR 2104 Speech and Language Disorders  
or SPHR 2104W Speech and Language Disorders
SPHR 2106 Anatomy and Physiology for Speech and Hearing II  
SPHR 2131 Language Acquisition and Development  
SPHR 3116 Brain & Language  

For more information, contact Dr. Tad Zawidzki (Philosophy) at zawidzki@gwu.edu.